Welcome to itandex

We are a work team several years of experience in the field of information technology and communications. We are known for our solutions that fit exactly to the needs of our clients' business.

We have a specialized professional development, constantly incorporating knowledge of the latest technologies in the IT market.

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Our Services



Our Network Engineering services stand out as providing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

We provide networking and connectivity outsourcing services, connecting your company with the world. Structured cabling, networking, security, switching, IP telephony, Wireless are among others, part of the portfolio of products we offer.

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Production Support

Data Service

We have a high availability team that supports 7x24 operations, to ensure the smooth functioning of customers production platforms.

Our objective is to guarantee high availability on production services of our customers. To do that, we have a 7x24 team that attend production platforms.

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SysAdmin & DevOps


Automations, continuous integration, development, testing and production environments, deployments and even more are part of our Sysadmins and DevOps team tasks.

Working with the latest tools in the market, our team build scalable and reliable platforms.

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Success Stories